Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Writer's Block

With a severe case of writers block I start to write, last I heard even Ruskin Bond had it, he mentioned that in one of his earlier prose but that must have been 40 years ago. I wonder if he still has it sometimes because he keeps rolling out book after excellent book with not a hint of The Block.
 What is a writer's block I wonder? Is it when the presumptuous  ramblings of my mind actually succumb to the guidelines set out by..ahem.. my mind. This really doesn't make much sense unless of course my brain is at constant war with itself. Which, typically it is, since I am not able to agree with myself on anything these days . Just imagine the plain horror of it if I were to be in a room full of people ... so many minds. How do I find my inspiration from the outside world then I say ?
" Look within, look within" says a voice in my head but which part of the brain is egging me on, the one that agrees with me or the one that does not?
Writers block! what a fashionable thing to flit across in high society and gossip pages. Did Dan Brown have it when he milled out The Lost Symbol and JK Rowling had it too but it worked for her.
    Someone once told me"Write to clear your thoughts"  but the trouble with a block is that when you pick up a pen to clear your thoughts it usually turns out that the brain clears out completely just before you are ready to pour its contents on paper. I wish I had one of Harry Potter's magic wands  so that I could  wire out the silver from my brain and recollect and organize all my thoughts in a pensieve.
So dear friends before my mind starts to get a little more rambunctious I will sign off.



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